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Move Ahead One Space

Compulsions (1/?)

Title: Compulsions
Author: Aussie chick fan aka Dark Enigma aka godgaleshot aka godamnarmsrace
Rating: FRAO/NC-17/Slash
Disclaimer: The characters don’t belong to me and I don’t get any money.  All I own is my original characters and the little fantasies inside my head. 
Fandom: CSI:Miami
Pairing: Eric/Ryan
Summary: A simple dinner invitation turns in to something else.
Spoilers: Post episode fic for ‘After the Fall’.
Beta: catlover2x

Ryan was in shock; Eric had actually complemented his work.  He felt extremely giddy for the rest of his shift and he didn’t want the feeling to go away.  So when Eric asked him if he wanted to grab some dinner together, he loathed saying no but he couldn’t stop himself.  “I’d love to but I have dinner waiting at home.  It is all ready it just needs to be cooked.  I’m sorry but I can’t just go out when I have dinner prepared.”  Ryan wanted to kick himself, he sounded crazy but he knew that if he went out to dinner with Eric he wouldn’t be able to relax.  The possibility of having an obsessive-compulsive freak-out in front of Delko didn’t really list high on Ryan’s idea of a fun evening.

    “No problem man, twisted minds I understand.  Look I enjoyed working with you today.  I’ll see you tomorrow.”  Eric said with a salute and a smile.

    Ryan came to a decision as he watched Eric turned to leave.  “Wait!  Umm…I probably have enough for two.  If you…umm wanna join me?”  Ryan stuttered out.  A strange kind of relief filled Ryan when he saw Eric stop and turn to once again face him.

    “Can you cook?”  Eric asked with a grin on his face.

    “Like an oven.”  Ryan answered feeling more and more sure of himself.

    “I’m a diabetic is that going to be a problem?”  Eric asked turning serious.

    “You’re a diabetic?  I didn’t know that, no one told me.”  Ryan said surprised.

    “Not many people know.  So will I be able to eat what you’re going to cook?”  Eric asked.

    “Sure everything I make is low-fat, low-carbs and low-sugar but high on flavour.”  Ryan replied with a smirk.

    Eric returned Ryan’s smile and reached out to punch him lightly on the shoulder.  “You are a total dork.  So anyway what is your address?  I’ll meet you there so I don’t have to leave my car here overnight.” 

    Ryan didn’t know what to make of that comment.  Why would Eric leave his car here overnight anyway?  Was he planning on spending the night at Ryan’s house?  Ryan felt his face flush at the direction his wayward thoughts were leading him.  He was being foolish, Eric had probably just expected Ryan to drive him home or something. 

    Blurting out his address Ryan hurried past Eric in an effort to get to his place first.  He knew it was clean because he couldn’t physically leave if it was messy, no matter how much he wanted to or who was expecting him.  Nothing could be out of place.  Sometimes he really hated that he was OCD, it had ruined relationships and interfered with jobs but right that second Ryan was glad he had OCD because it did mean that his place would be neat and that everything would be in it’s place when he arrived home.

    Ryan forced out a laugh, the abrupt sound echoed inside his car and made him feel better.  Less crazy.  Less unsure of his decision to invite Eric to dinner.  Less overwhelmed at the thought of having Eric in his home, touching his things, knowing him.

    Jumping out of his car, he checked all the car doors were locked at least four times before rushing to his front door.  Precious minutes were wasted as Ryan collected his mail, straightened his doormat and moved a potted plant on his porch just a little to the left so that it sat in the centre between two other potted plants that bordered the edge of his porch.

*    *    *

    Eric couldn’t stop smiling at Ryan’s obvious need to beat him to his house.  He had never met anyone with OCD before and Ryan was unlike anyone else he had ever met.  Maybe that was why for the first time in Eric’s life he was contemplating something he had only fantasised about in the safety of his own bedroom. 

    His friends and colleagues had seen Eric with so many different women that he had garnered quite a reputation for himself as a ladies man but the truth was for as long as he could remember he had always been attracted to other men.  He had kept his true desires to himself and had never even been with another man but since Speed died and he had met Eric he felt that maybe just maybe it was finally time to be the man he had always wanted to be and throw caution to the wind.

    Ryan had this smell; it was a cross between bleach and expensive cologne and for some reason it drove Eric crazy.  Whenever he was near all Eric wanted to do was bury his face in the crook of Ryan’s neck.  It was insane, they worked together but Eric couldn’t seem to get Ryan out of his mind.  For a moment he thought he might have made a mistake asking Ryan to join him for dinner when he turned him down but then Ryan asked him to his house...for dinner and he was actually cooking for Eric.

    Eric had no idea how Ryan felt about him but the only way he was going to find out was to test the waters and having a private dinner was a perfect way to accomplish that goal.  He had been sitting out the front of Ryan’s house in his car for ten minutes...stalling.  If he fucked this up it could end up really bad but even that thought couldn’t stop Eric from getting out of his car and walking to Ryan’s front door.

*    *    *

    Ryan had just finished setting the table when his front doorbell chimed.  Giving his house one last inspection, he could feel his heart jumping into his throat as he went to answer the door.  Taking two really big deep breaths, Ryan was able to calm his thumping heart to a dull thud.

“You found it.” Was the first thing that came out of his mouth when he opened the door and saw Eric standing on his porch.

“Yeah, you gave me really good directions.’ Eric replied with a grin, as he walked past Ryan into the house.

“Can I get you a drink?  I have juice, water, beer...?”  Ryan asked, feeling extremely violated all of a sudden.

“A light beer would be good, if you’ve got one?  Or water either is fine.”

“I have light beer.  I’ll get you a light beer.  Make yourself at home dinner will be ready in about ten minutes.” Ryan said feeling glad to have something to do with his shaking hands.  Man he was nervous and he really didn’t know why.  He was always a little strange when he brought someone new into his home but this was different, he felt almost invaded yet he had wanted Eric to come to his house so desperately it just didn’t make any sense.

*   *   *

    Eric took Ryan’s absence as a chance to check out his surroundings.  Just as he thought it would be, the place was immaculate, not a thing out of place.  Spotting a bookcase in one corner of the living room, he wandered over to take a look.  There were a few plants, various books on forensics and strangely enough vampires but what really surprised Eric were the CD’s he found shoved in amongst the books.  Eric couldn’t decide what shocked him more the fact that the CD’s appeared to be put haphazardly in between the books when everything else in the room clearly screamed order and synergy or the CD’s themselves.  It was the most motley selection he had ever come across.  There were several CD’s of popular Cuban artists, a handful of Black Sabbath albums, a few random pop artists like Britney Spears and Michael Jackson, and at least half a dozen Salsa dance music CD’s.

    “You like Cuban music?” he called out, as pulled a Cuban Link CD from the shelf.

    “Yeah...and Salsa music.” Ryan voices came floating from what Eric assumed was the kitchen.

    Smiling at the embarrassment he could hear in Ryan’s voice he couldn’t resist asking another question, “Can you Salsa dance?”

    “I do okay.’ Ryan answered as he joined Eric in the living room.  ‘Here’s your beer.”

    “Thanks.” Eric said, putting the CD back on the shelf and reaching out to take his light beer.  Eric started to laugh, he couldn’t help it, his beer was Cuban and so was Ryan’s. 

    “What?  What is so funny?” Ryan asked, stepping away from where Eric was standing.

    “Cuban...Cuban beer...you like Cuban beer too.’ he managed to get out in between bursts of laughter.  And then just like that he stopped.  ‘You like Cuban things.” he stated.

    Ryan was clearly confused and a little uncomfortable about the conversation topic but all Eric could think was: if Ryan liked Cuban things so much did that then also mean he would really like Eric, cause Eric was half Cuban after all.  He was trying to figure out a way to make Ryan feel comfortable again when two things happened to distract him.  Both the phone and what Eric could only assume was the oven timer started buzzing like crazy.

    “Can you grab the phone behind you and I’ll get the oven before dinner burns.” Ryan said over his shoulder as he hurried from the room.

    Turning around to look behind him Eric found the phone quite easily and without another  thought he answered it.  “Hello this is Ryan Wolfe’s phone, can I help you?”

    “Well hello.’ Said an extremely amused sounding woman.  ‘And who might you be?  Has Ryan got a secret he hasn’t told Mummy?”




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